Our physicians have hospital privileges and make rounds at St. Elizabeth Medical Center and Children's Hospital Medical Center. If your health care plan requires you to deliver or be admitted at a hospital other than St. Elizabeth or Children's Hospital our doctors will not be able to see your child during his/her hospital stay. If you do have the option of going to the hospital of your choice, our physicians feel it is always better for the child's pediatrician to follow the medical care of their patients and this is better done by going to a hospital where our doctors can provide care for your child.

If your child is delivered or admitted to a hospital other than St. Elizabeth or Children's Hospital Medical Center, it is a good idea to ask to sign a record release while you are still in the hospital. This allows our office to be able to obtain the medical records for your child for their hospital stay. These records will go into your child's permanent medical record and be available to our physicians for follow-up care.

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