Head Trauma

This is one of the situations that sooner or later, all parents need to deal with.

Although the symptoms and treatment don’t always parallel the severity of the trauma, it is helpful to take note of as many details as possible about the incident before you call:

  • How did it occur?
  • When did it occur?
  • Did the child lose consciousness or pass out?
  • Did the child stiffen or have any unusual movements afterward?
  • Did the child vomit?
  • Is everything in working order again? If the child is old enough, ask him or her to walk around, move their head and extremities, recall facts they should know – including facts about the event.
  • Where does it hurt?
  • If child is too young to ask, observe them. You know your child as to their motor abilities (sits, scoots, crawls, walks) alertness, mood, eating habits.
  • Examine the child:
    *Is there a lump, cut or depression where the injury occurred?
    *Do the eyes move normally and are pupils equal?
    *Do the pupils get smaller when you shine a light at them?
    *Is there blood or drainage from the mouth, nose or ears?

NOTE: We depend heavily on parents’ observations and feelings about their children in these situations. You know your child better than some physician in an Emergency Room or even us. It would be extremely unusual for your child to have a significant injury if you have followed these guidelines and everything is okay. If, on the other hand, your child has abnormal findings or you aren’t sure, call us or Children’s Hospital Medical Center Emergency Room for further advice.

***IMPORTANT** If your child was diagnosed with a concussion from a sport, accident or motor vehicle accident, call the doctor’s office for evaluation.

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