FEVER is the body’s normal response to infections and plays a role in helping fight them by turning on the body’s immune system. Normal body temperature is 98.6 F on average. Your child does not have a fever unless the temperature is greater than 100.6 F in an infant less than two (2) months old or greater than 101.0 F for children over two (2) months old. Mild elevations of temperature may be caused by exercise, excessive clothing, a hot bath or hot weather. Warm food or drink can raise our oral temperature. Teething does not cause fever.REMEMBER that the height of the fever does not relate to the seriousness of the illness. In other words, your child may have a temperature of 101.0 F and have a very serious illness. On the other hand, the temperature may be 104.0 F and your child may have a minor illness. What’s most important is how your child acts.FEVER often causes aches, discomfort and irritability. These symptoms often improve with acetaminophen. Treating a fever with acetaminophen will make your child feel better but does nothing to shorten the course of the illness or cure your child. Fever is a symptom of an illness, not an illness itself. If your child has a fever but no other symptoms and acts well, it is not absolutely necessary to give your child acetaminophen. IN MOST CASES, your child can be evaluated during regular office hours for fever, however, you should call immediately regarding fever –if:

  • - your child has a temperature greater than or equal to 100.6 F and is less than 2 months old
  • - your child is crying inconsolably
  • - your child is difficult to awaken
  • - your child has a stiff neck
  • - you notice a purple dot rash on your child’s skin
  • - your child has difficulty breathing
  • - your child looks or acts very sick (1 – 2 hours after giving acetaminophen)


AgeApproximate Weight RangeInfants & Childrens Suspension 160mg/tsp
under 3 mo 6-11 lbs. 1.25 mL
3 to 9 months 12-17 lbs. 2.5 mL
10 to 24 months 18-23 lbs. 3.75 mL
2 to 3 years 24 -35 lbs. 5 mL/ 1 tsp.
4 to 5 years 36 – 47 lbs. 7.5 mL/1½ tsp.
6 to 8 years 48 – 59 lbs. 10 mL / 2 tsp.
9 to 10 years 60 - 71 lbs. 12.5 mL/ 2½ tsp.
11 years 72 – 95 lbs. 15 mL/ 3 tsp.
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